About me??? I like to shoot things, people in particular…

On a more serious note, perhaps you would like to know why I created this page. We tend to live in such a fast-pace life style that we get caught up into things and forget others. Think a year back from today, do you remember what you were doing? Unless today’s date is an anniversary or has a special meaning of some sort, chances are you don’t remember. Why would you want to remember? Weather you’d like to remember or not is up to you, I personally would like to. Why? Life is to short, yes, yes, yes, I know everybody says that, but it’s true! Our life is like a glimpse of an eye if we compare it to the amount of time this universe is said to exist, so think about it, a picture a day, even if it has nothing to do with other things you might have done on that day, because you see it, you will just remember… and that’s why 🙂




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